HEZ-MLP (2015)

Country: Panama
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock
Label: Lógica Ciega
Tracks: 8
Length: 16.0'

HEZ is a four piece band from Panama City, Panama who formed in the spring of 2015, from the looks of things.  HEZ play a raw and blown -out style of noise damaged hardcore/punk.  Musically, HEZ can be loosely compared to bands such as Gag, The Lowest Form, Gay Kiss, and Perspex Flex.  Since forming in 2015, HEZ have released a self-titled demo cassette in August of 2015.  This is the band's latest eight song LP, which was released on August 20th, 2015.  On their latest eight song LP, HEZ offer up eight tracks of raw and dirty sounding noise damaged hardcore/punk.  Overall, this album absolutely rips and HEZ is a must listen for fans of a lot of the bands being released on Iron Lung records as of late.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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