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this showed up in my inbox several weeks ago (apologies to the band for sitting on it for so long) and it was weird because I had just discovered them a few days before I got the email. excellent timing. this new ep was coming out on rainville records who also put out the wormwitch cassette, so of course after I ordered the wormwitch tape I went back and sampled these guys. immediately impressed. so much so I went out and bought their previous full length. which was also seriously fantastic. however just due to being busy and consumed with grabbing damn near every scrap of black metal I could find, this was put on the back burner. big mistake. hopeless youth are a modern, slightly melodic hardcore band that just seems to be getting better as they go along. as good as the full length was, this ep is even better. angrier. more emotion. really like where these guys are headed. don't sleep on this like I did. you go buy/download now

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ADAM said...

this shit is fucking great! thanks dude