Friendly Reminder Courtesy Of NAILS

Hey everyone, I know everyone comes here to get music, that's the purpose of the blog. But just a reminder that if you really, really like something, it helps out the bands a ton to buy their stuff. Below is an awesome example of a band that is self-aware enough to know that leaks happen, and in a cool move, they actually encourage people to check it out. I for one pre-ordered this record because it fucking CRUSHES. If you dig it, and have the money, I suggest you do the same. If not, no worries. I'm definitely not preaching here, just wanted to share this with you guys. This band rules. Purchase HERE or HERE.

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  1. Album is dope. Definitely gonna pick it up when it shows up in my favourite record store. Support local business, and support the bands you love.

  2. I pre-ordered the vinyl and cd as soon as it popped up on amazon. Its awesome these guys are this cool about shit like this.

  3. preordered as soon as it went live.