GEIST - Son Of Sun Live Session (2016)

GENRE: Crust, Dark Hardcore, Punk, Metal
FFO: Cursed, Esoteric Youth, Worms Feed, Hammers

Geist fucking rules, seriously one of my favorite bands around right now. They have the perfect combination of hooks, anger and dark crusty production. The band features members of various former & current North East UK Bands, including End Reign & Cholera. They have made available their live session at Son of Sun Studios, and it is a must have. Generally I downright hate live recordings, even if they are done in a studio, because 99% of the time it just sounds like shit. But this is the exception, this is done right, and it captures the ferocity of the band perfectly. The session on Bandcamp is 5 songs, but there will be an extra track on the cassette, so be sure to order one of those if that's your thing, there are only going to be 50 of them. But for now, just play this shit as loud as you can.

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