(U.S.) Jesuit-Discography LP (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Tracks: 12
Length: 46.0'

JESUIT were an unrelenting, noisy hardcore band from Virginia Beach, VA. They existed from the mid-90′s up until the changing of the century. In their wake, they left a rather nice-sized dent in the intensely-PC witch-hunt/”safe space” era of DIY hardcore. Whereas events attributed to Charles Manson are often credited with bringing a savage and brutal end to the peace, love, and drug culture of the 60′s, events surrounding bands like JESUIT and GEHENNA not only elicited controversy at every tour stop, but pushed a movement toward hardcore finding its more violent, unpredictable, and entirely irreverent roots as the “Portlandia” cult of 90′s hardcore crashed to a halt.
Comprised of childhood friends Nate Newton (who went on to CONVERGE, OLD MAN GLOOM, and DOOMRIDERS), Brian Benoit (who went on to THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), Brett Matthews, Kelly Posadas, and J. How, JESUIT managed to crank out twelve scathing blasts of fury and anguish in their time. Discography features all twelve in reverse chronological order from the final 7″ on Hydra Head all the way back to the demo tape. All twelve tracks have been meticulously restored and remixed by Kurt Ballou at God City before being remastered by Bob Lipton at Peerless. The result is a behemoth of an album that sounds and feels more relevant than anything being marketed as “hardcore for the hardcore” today.  (Press Note)

*This album compiles the band's demo, self-titled 7", and self-titled LP.  Overall, this is an absolutely scathing, blistering, and caustic as fuck collection of songs.  Jesuit were really intense live and I count myself fortunate to be able to see them play in MA back in the late 90's.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  Jesuit's discography was released via Magic Bullet records on April 12th, 2015.

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