Ancst is a blackened crust/noise project started in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. This project of several band members from Berlin-based bands (Henry Fonda, Afterlife Kids...) started of as a studio band which released a string of cassette only EP`s and splits in 2012.

Some of their releases have a purely ambient/noise/soundscape, while others are brutal black metal with crust and grind influences... sometimes even some post punk-ish parts.

In 2014 the band teamed up with the DIY collectives Vendetta, Wooaaargh, Halo of Flies and Yehonala Tapes and released their first 2 LP`s and also managed to create their first Life set. If you are into fast, dark and atmospheric music with a DIY/HC attitude you should definately check out ANCST!

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