ANOPHELI - A Hunger Rarely Sated

ORIGIN: Oakland, CA, USA via London, England 
GENRE: Neocrust, Doom  FORMAT: LP
LINKS: Bandcamp - Facebook
FFO: Fall of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Momentum, Carnist, Eleleth
PURCHASE: Doomrock (UK) & Bandcamp
D/L: Zippyshare & Bandcamp below

Anopheli combines elements of doom and neo/emo crust and even manages to involve a Cello into their music, which gives a very extraordinary sound and atmosphere to their first record. Lyrically their songs are about measure, nature and also about the history of native americans and their suppression.

What may be interesting for some: Anopheli has a rather prominent band member as vocalist... Alex CF who is/was the conceptional mastermind behind FALL OF EFRAFA, LIGHT BEARER, MOMENTUM... etc. Alex gave this band his very own touch with his vocals of course, but also with his stunning artworks and his extremely poetic lyrics. Alex himself stated that his music should hit the taste of " of Remains of the day, Daymare, Madame Germen and Ekkaia!"