Liam from Germany started of as a one-man project in 2007 by M. Siegenhort. The aim of this project was from the beginning to play atmospheric Post-Rock and Shoegaze. He recorded the two first EPs „My journey to the sky“ and „Two years and a fragment“ within less than one year.

Due to M. Siegenhort`s wish to also perform his music live, he searched for bandmembers to create a live-set. He found J. Wulfheide, L. Jahns and C. Holler. But instead of rehearsing the existing material, they composed new songs... What came out of this new combination of musicians where 8 tracks wich formed their Album MMIX. What happened than was the natural way of Life. The four guys finished school and moved into different city`s...

Their music, never being actually finished, lay bare for three years. Than the band decided to put the recorded music online for free. Rumors of a pressing of the Record to finally become a Vinyl Edition started in 2013, but where not realized so far. M. Siegenhort later started the band Lantlôs, a extremely important band of the Post-black metal genre. Later he ones more came together with his former band colleagues J. Wulfheide and C. Holler., this time to create a live set for Lantlôs. 

Though Liam is not a active band anymore, their only release "MMIX" is highly recommendable for those who love Epic, melancholic, beautiful Shoegaze and Post-Rock, with metallic influences. 

Special music for fans of: ALCEST, LANTLÔS, YEAR OF NO LIGHT...

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  1. What the hell happened to blackened vortice? First the elementary revolt now bv goes down. Shitty two days. Glad you guys are still up. Please never go away

  2. SHIT! It looks like Blackened Vortice is gone! damn. I never knew the dude(s) that ran that blog but they DID seem to post a LOT of shit that maybe they shouldn't have posted. Maybe the DMCA got them. I have no plans on taking this site down. I think we are pretty safe. If it goes down, it wont be because of me. Thanks for visiting