the fact that i found this image so easy tells us all we need to know about 2020. it sucked. these albums made it suck a touch less. just a touch.

1. Rosy Finch- Scarlet

2. Mammock- Itch

3. Exhalants- Atonement

4. Blacklisters- Fantastic Man

5. Ils- Curse

6. Mr. Bungle- The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo

7. Second Arrows- Second Arrows

8. Young and in the Way- Ride Off and Die

9. -(16)- Dream Squasher

10. Eye Flys- Tub of Lard

11. Wailin Storms- Rattle

12. Orc- Orc

13. Greg Puciato- Child Soldier: Creator of God

14. Realize- Machine Violence

15. Metz- Atlas Vending

16. Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle- May Our Chambers Be Full

17. Today Is the Day- No Good to Anyone

18. Zombi- 2020

19. Them Teeth- tired.

20. Ilsa- Preyer

21. Desperate Living- City Sadness

22. Okkultokrati- La Ilden Lyse

23. Hum- Inlet

24. Expander- Neuropunk Boostergang

25. Trvss- New Distances

26. Black Magnet- Hallucination Scene

27. Gaythiest- How Long Have I Been on Fire?

28. Waxeater- Extra Medium

29. Human Impact- Human Impact

30. Mark Lanegan- Straight Songs of Sorrow

some of these were unexpected (yaitw). some were better than they had any right to be (hum, mr. bungle, greg puciato) and some restored my faith in genre revivals (realize, black magnet). also, had i gotten into them sooner, uniform would be on here. anyway, here's to 2021 not sucking. cheers fuckers.