Adam's Best Of 2020

Hello all, hope everyone is staying safe. I for one have really been enjoying 2020. All of the death and politics suck, but I've been working from home since March and when I do have to go outside, most people's faces are covered with fabric, so I don't have to see their entire stupid face. This has all just reinforced my anti-social behavior and confirmed my disdain for the human race, and honestly I am totally cool with it. But on to more important things. It's that time of the year again. Best of the year time. I know I haven't been very active with posts this year again, and I apologize about that, but I have been listening to a lot of music. A lot of Indie/Alt stuff, and a LOT of Synthwave. But as I went back through this year's releases, I realized there was quite a bit of great hardcore too. So, without further ado, here are my choices for Best Of 2020. Happy Holidays!

January 10: ♫ DL
January 30: ♫ DL
March 20: ♫ DL
March 27: ♫ DL
March 27: ♫ DL
April 3: ♫ DL
April 3: ♫ DL
May 22: ♫ DL
June 5: ♫ DL
June 12: ♫ DL
June 23: ♫ DL
July 17: ♫ DL
July 24: ♫ DL
July 29: ♫ DL
August 14: ♫ DL
August 21: ♫ DL
August 28: ♫ DL
September 4: ♫ DL
September 11: ♫ DL
September 11: ♫ DL
September 23: ♫ DL
September 25: ♫ DL
October 2: ♫ DL
October 2: ♫ DL
October 9: ♫ DL
October 30: ♫ DL
October 31: ♫ DL
November 6: ♫ DL
November 13: ♫ DL
November 13: ♫ DL

And an honorable mention goes to Karl Kasey, who has put out ELEVEN killer Synthwave albums on Bandcamp this year, all for free. Check it out if you are a fan of heavy, dark synthwave.

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