Dead Oath (Dropout)

so this is by far my favorite rediscovery/demo this year. dead oath is basically most of dropout. dropout put out a fantastic hm2, dbeat, metal, punk album a few years ago which i remember downloading and then it just ended up getting pushed to the back and forgotten about. stupid move on my part. then with an even dumber move it got deleted(to my credit, i was probably drunk. thanks to deadwintermoon for hooking me up with a new download) in a hard drive cleanout.  so anyway a couple months ago while looking through the immense piles of shit on bandcamp i came across dropout again but noticed theyd changed the name on the album cover to dead oath. then i found the demo of dead oath. this shit is ridiculously good. the absolute perfect combo of dbeat, death metal, and hardcore. like up there with mammoth grinder good. even though the demo is only 2 songs its going to end up on my year end list. cant wait for more from these guys.

the dropout bandcamp still has the lp up on there but since theyve changed their name im not sure how active it is. the lp is available on discogs. thats where i bought it. either way, go buy it.


Chris said...

Dead Oath have hung it up.

Jerm said...

Nooooooooooooo!!!! I kind of got that vibe from their last Facebook post but i also saw another post that said they were gonna be working on new tracks so I was holding out hope