Alpha Safari

Man, I've been meaning to make a post about this band forever. Talking about Entombed in the chat today reminded me about it again, so here it is. This album is one of my all time faves, and it's weird as fuck. Featuring members of Entombed and Misery Loves Co, this Swedish 4-piece started life with the name Washoe. They played a few shows and even recorded a demo under that name before switching over to Alpha Safari. In 2004, they released their only CD, Commercial Suicide, and I don't even know how to describe it. It's all over the place, every song is different than the other. I love the production as well, its incredibly crisp but completely raw and in the red at the same time. It's super energetic and at the same time it's devastatingly depressing. The best way I can describe this is, imagine if you took Hot Snakes and cross-bred them with Fugazi & Rocket From The Crypt, add in some Queens Of The Stone Age & some Dinosaur Jr. and then drop them in Sweden. Hey I told you it was fucking weird OK. Here is the Commercial Suicide CD along with 1 extra song that was a B-Side to the single for "Disappear" from the CD. If anyone happens to have that Washoe demo I would LOVE to get it. Enjoy.

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DeadWinterMoon said...

Found Commercial Suicide in 192, so at least you can upgrade from 128.