Hey guys, dropping some photos from my recent show excursions. Playing a little catch up here from earlier in July. I got to drop in on Sargeist, Wayfarer and Ordeals playing at Brooklyn Bazaar. Sargeist once again proves the rule of, "if you don't really know the band, but they aren't from the US, go see them." I have found that rule quite handy to operate from lately. Sargeist did not disappoint in the least, they are ritualistic cult black metal at its finest. Really, the only band I knew going in was Wayfarer. I have spent a lot of time this year listening to their new record. They are another band from the Denver scene that seems to do no wrong right now. If you haven't listened to them, definitely give them a shot. They do a sort of USBM mixed with Western movie score vibe. Ordeals opened the evening up with their highly aggressive brand of USBM, setting the stage quite well for both Wayfarer and Sargeist. Despite all three bands having similar roots in their sound, it was quite welcome to see that they all could rise above the genre standards to have their own unique voices.

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Noise God Chris said...

Dude, your photography is on fucking point
I am a stills photographer for films and I want to do show photography but i suck ass at lighting...
this is the perfect amount of light streak and clarity in black and white to make it seem sort of classic, you know?