Life Drag-S/T Cs. (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Experimental Noise

Label: Iron Lung
Tracks: 8
Length: 37.05'

LIFE DRAG - Life Drag CS w/download (LUNGS-078)
"We have for you today a cassette offer of the new Industrial Strength American Noise band LIFE DRAG. Half dirge, half dub. Minneapolis. The New Brighton Hill Bombing Crew. Wet fucks and loose trucks. The new thing in heaven. Subterranean synapse break. Walk all night. Sleep when you're dead. Thug tunes.'
'Package includes bass, bass, synth, synth, drum machine, guitar, laundry chute and vox. Always one take, always how it needs to be. Upon physical evidence of sound we will pollute the ears of the midwest and beyond." -97.4% The Horse's Mouth (Press Note)

*I'm stumped as far as descriptions go.  Really interesting experimental noise project from Minneapolis, Mn.  Great stuff, though.  Enjoy!

Iron Lung Records on Bandcamp
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