I went to see trap them Monday night at a little place outside of Cleveland. I already loved trap them but they may be my new favorite band just for the amount of respect I now have for ryan mckenney. I'm sure you've all heard about him breaking both ankles a couple weeks ago at a concert in Europe. not only did he finish that show but as far as I know they haven't missed a date yet. I watched them roll him to the stage Monday in a wheelchair and climb on stage and then he proceeded to put on a show for the 50 or so people in the crowd with more intensity and more rage than I have ever seen in my life. all from his knees. I was blown away by the effort this man put into this, and for what I'm sure wasn't a lot of money. he could've very easily canceled all these tour dates and everyone would have understood. but no he showed up and killed it. ryan mckenney is why I love hardcore. ryan mckenney is why I love underground music. ryan mckenney is why I snatch up any little bit merch I can from these bands. they do it for the sheer love of doing it. they do it for the fans. and I thank them endlessly for it. so if by chance you sir ryan mckenney would happen to see this...thank you. alright I'm done. now go buy some trap them shit. seriously. do it.

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