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outside of trap them and a soon to be posted unnamed album, its all ive been listening to so I figured it was time...

fantastic bm out of Cincinnati. the riffs are ridiculous. mild symphonic elements

new band out of seattle. kind of a doom/black metal hybrid

Iceland is a hotbed of black metal right now and bands like this is why. only 2 songs, still 21 minutes of music though, but when those 2 songs are this good, you only need 2

without a doubt, my favorite on this list and WILL be on my year end list. raw, noisy, mid paced black metal with a kind of post punk feel. fucking love this album

checked this out on a whim and damn was I surprised. similar to valdrin in the riffs and symphonic elements

band names are the links. all are name your price


Soles said...

digging this abominor...what are some of the other icelandic bm bands you're into atm?

Jerm said...

Mispyrming and zhrine are probably the best of the bunch right now but theres others like sinmara, nadra, and mannveira.i know theres others too i can't think of at the moment

dedzed said...

The above mentioned are good. Also: Martröð, Svartidauði, Almyrkvi Wormlust and Auðn are all really good.

Jerm said...

I thought of some of those after id already left my comment. Haven't heard that last one yet but thats about to change

Soles said...

Nice thanks, familiar with sinmara and auon, will check the others.