RITUAL BLADE - Self Titled (2016)

GENRE: This is some straight up Hardcore Punk right here

Ritual Blade is a killer new band from Massachusetts that was recently birthed from the dissolution of Rat Trap. Sharing many of the same members, it shouldn't surprise you that they share the same sort of sound. What I'm trying to say, is that if you liked Rat Trap, you'll like Ritual Blade. And, if you're not familiar, what you can expect from this is reminiscent of other great Hardcore bands like Trapped Under Ice and Draize. One thing I am thankful for though is that this new record seems to have veered just slightly out of the somewhat generic "Hardcore" genre and into a darker area. Maybe it's just the production, or the feel of this record, but whatever it is, I like it. The sound reminds me of Black Mask a lot, and the intensity reminds me of The Swarm. On this self-titled release you'll get 9 songs clocking in at under 19 minutes. This thing is super solid, all the way through. Great tempo, TONS of riffs, blackened guitar tone and pissed off vocals, plus some badass cover art. Nothing cheesy here, just great hardcore punk with tons of heart. Be sure to check this one out. The band was kind enough to provide a download for the blog, but if you like it, please send some $$$ their way on their Bandcamp page.

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