Enmeshed-The Egesal LP (2016)

Country: ???
Genre: Black Metal, Doom, Sludge, Experimental, Noise 
Label: Self-Released
Tracks: 6
Length: 69.0'

Enmeshed is a four piece band who formed in 2011.  Enmeshed is a band that is shrouded in mystery and by choice, choose to remain anonymous rather than relying on the usual PR promotion outlets or social media.  Enmeshed play a unique, forward-thinking, and difficult to categorize style of music that draws influence from black metal, doom, sludge, and experimental noise.

Band Bio: We are a four-piece; electroacoustic guitar, electric tenor guitar, drums [additional drum-machines incorporated], and vocals. No bass. We like our sound cold and cutting, and equally prefer to think of our songs as becomings. They've all been conceived around four to five years ago, and then realized in studio, last year, which essentially means some of them bear little resemblance to their states of origin. We don't go out and say let's do an acid rock record or an industrial metal record, or take blueprints, for that matter. We bleed sounds, and that's that. There is no causal relation between what we listen to and what we do, so no influences, only things that in retrospect and occasionally make us wonder if we'd been possessed by them. Unsane, The Cosmic Jokers, Mainliner, Disembowelment, and Oxbow, to name a few. As for where we are from, we think that's irrelevant, unnecessary discourse.

The Egesal is the band's debut six song LP which was recorded in the winter of 2015 and released on October 24th, 2016.  The Egesal features six songs of music that rely heavily on dark atmospherics, claustrophobia inducing doom/sludge, brutal as fuck black metal, and harsh/cold electronic noise.  Fans of Sannhet, Author & Punisher, Lightbearer, and Thou will definitely find something to like in Enmeshed's sound.  Overall, The Egesal makes for a really interesting listen and Enmeshed is really one of the most interesting bands I've heard all month.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

(Band Submission)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'a simple mind, but the only thing that I can say after the useless words that I read and the tracks that I listened to is that without Swans (Filth, Cop, Raping A Slave,Holy Money for ex), these "mysterious guys" would sell roasted chestnuts in some corner of their city. After that, you can add whatever you want to the mix, the result doesn't add anything to the ingredients.


Anonymous said...

And without Bathory, there wouldn't be half the bm jokers that there are out there. Now, I'd be fuckin' glad to see your type babble the same whenever they release another carbon copy, but I don't.

Bethesda?! Oh dear, the irony.