(U.S.) Problem Of Pain-Burn What My HAnds Wrought LP (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Sludge, Noise Rock
Label: Blood & Ink Records
Tracks: 11
Length: 27.0'

Problem Of Pain is a two piece band from Michigan who formed in early 2015, from the looks of things.  Problem Of Pain play a blackened and metallic style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, crust, sludge, and noise rock within their sound.  Musically, Problem Of Pain cite Rebuker, Nails, Zao, Code Orange Kids, The Chariot, and Gaza as influences, which definitely shows up in the band's sound and style.  This is the band's debut full-length LP, which was released via Blood & Ink records on May 15th, 2016.  On their debut full-length, Problem Of Pain offer up eleven tracks of chaotic and brutal as fuck sounding hardcore, punk, crust, sludge, and noise rock.  Overall, this is a killer LP and Problem Of Pain is an absolute must listen for fans of Divider, Bone Dance, Trenchfoot, and Old Wounds.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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