Cadaver Dog-Blunt Force Trauma Flexi 7" (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk

Tracks: 4
Length: 3.0'

For Denver, Colorado mastermind J. Trejo, hardcore is a weapon of hatred and aggression. Eschewing any notion of self-righteous victimhood, CADAVER DOG goes on a rampage with cyclonic chord progressions, harsh tempo shifts and an over-the-top-vocal performance that lays waste the stagnant, crowd-friendly cesspool of today’s scene. This is pure, nihilistic hardcore topped off with a superb rendition of LOCKJAW’s classic, “Need A Gun.”
Features clear flexi disc with red foil face plate stamping, 8 page saddle-stitched booklet and sheathed in a scored two-sided fold over cover. (Press Note)

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