RUINAS - Self Titled (2016)

GENRE: Sludge, Crust, Metal, Stenchcore

Ruinas are from Buenos Aires, Argentina and were born in April 2013 after the dissolution of Human Horror in 2012. From what I can tell from rough translations, they started as a 3 piece and put out a demo & a split. In mid-2014, a 4th member was added, beginning a new era for the band with female vocals. Fast forward to now and we have a devastatingly heavy 7 track, Self Titled Album. I don't know what else to say about it. It's super sludgey, super heavy, super crusty. And all with killer grooves ripe for slow headbanging. Think of a slowed down Doom, Heartless or His Hero Is Gone.

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Jerm said...

Nice old school death metal feel to this one