SPREAD THE VIRUS - Welcome Bacteria

I'm happy to announce that BACTERIA will now be contributing to the blog, all the way form Belgium. Some of you may know her from her killer weekly internet radio show, Spreading The Virus, which features 2 hours of Powerviolence, Grind, Mince, Fastcore, HxC Punk, etc etc. every Wednesday. In between those shows, be on the lookout here for Bacteria to share nasty little goodies as she deems them worthy. Feel free to welcome her and be sure to check out her show at the links below:



Unknown said...

Hell yes welcome to the best blog around and excellent choice can't wait to see what you bring to the table.


Ah, killer !!!!!
Need to revamp my show as well ! Bacteria & I were both DJ's on Core Of Destruction Radio.
Some of the DJ's bringing back their shows on Mixcloud, which is cool !
Look for the return of Broken Sound Barrier with oldschoolmike, coming soon !!!!!
And check out my blog:
Please support Spread The Virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bacteria rules !!!!!!!!!!!


Bacteria said...

Hey! Thank you Todd! You talked about my radio show in the chatroom and that's why I'm a part of the crew now. Thanks to Adam too! Now I know who you are Todd, you're listening the show since the beginning.
And Mike! What's up my friend? Yes, please, restart Broken Sound Barrier! Thank you for the support you all.
I'm gonna share the kind of stuff I'm playing in Spreading The Virus here, so glad to contribute to Dead Air At The Pulpit!