AVHATH - Hymns (2016)

Friends of this site, Avhath, are back with a 4-song offering. The band is a 5 piece hardcore/metal unit from Jakarta, Indonesia who have been around since 2012. This newest release is very interesting and almost feels like it has a split personality. The first two songs, Blood Moon Rising & The Putrefied, are both super catchy and super angry at the same time, a perfect combination for crust punk. These two songs remind me a lot of the Florida band Centuries, and also of newer band Geist from the UK. Then the 3rd song comes and you have a 6 minute haunting instrumental that you will be unable to skip due to it's trance-like effect, which is a perfect lead-in to the final track, The Solipsist. This finale manages to add to the inability to classify this release into a specific genre, because there are times during this song that I think I'm listening to a more pissed of Deafheaven, which is something we should all want to listen to. Overall this is a fantastic release. It starts of as abrasive D-Beat Hardcore and eases you into a beautiful, yet scary atmospheric ending. Pretty impressive. 

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