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50. it's a nice round number. whats it mean to you? whats it mean to me? half of a hundred? over the hill? an age thats not more than ten but not less than 5 away from my age. fuck you ya dickface,  it happens to all of us. ive made no secret about getting older and seeking out less new music. so... think ima do a countdown. my top favorite 50 albums of all time. starting relatively soon. and by relatively, i mean sometime between now any my not too soon enough death. no guarantee on downloads. i dont want want david geffen or paul? phil? jimbo?...columbia beating down adams door. 


ADAM said...

More like Dead Air At The Retirement Home

Jerm said...

With the amount of gray in my beard, that seems appropriate.

Flei said...

I'm drinking one beer in your honor, Jerm.