Condor-Singles-2017-2018 (2019)

Country: France
Genre: Post Punk, Punk, Oi
Label: Beach Impediment Records
Tracks: 7
Length: 18.35'

Maxime Smadja has held many positions of note in some of the more exceptional French underground groups of recent years. For instance, you might know him as the beastly beat keeper behind Paris Oi band RIXE or the song writer behind the ever so catchy BOSS but for those who have yet to be initiated this is CONDOR - a one man band and love letter of sorts to his homeland and the particular strain of Oi / Punk music that it started yielding well over three decades ago. Previously only available on a pair of scarcely pressed and circulated cassingles, Beach Impediment Records is ecstatic to further the circulation of these six songs on the vinyl format. Channeling the brightest moments of the classic compilation series "Chaos En France" (and really, anything else on the Chaos Productions label that's worth a damn) combined with an execution so precise and well crafted that it carries that undeniable trademark of Smadja's many other contributions to the genre of punk over his time in it due to it's attention to detail and adoration of quality. And as a special bonus this slab features an additional track that is exclusive to this release - a cover of "Vengeance" by the 80's Parisian Oi outfit D.E.M. Each record comes in a jacket featuring the stellar art of Beau Richie depicting what I'd assume must be a typical day in one of the abundant alleyways that weave through out the City of Lights, plus a killer 18" x 24" fold out poster insert. Be sure to catch CONDOR on tour this spring through out North America!

(Press Note)

*Damn, This is some really awesome and catchy as hell sounding post punk, punk, and Oi.  Singles 2017-2018 is Condor's latest release which was released via Beach Impediment records on April 22nd, 2019.  On Singles 2017-2018, Condor offer up seven tracks of punchy and catchy as hell sounding post punk, punk, and oi.  Overall, Singles 2017-2018 makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed.  Great stuff!  Enjoy!

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