HARM DONE- Abuse/Abused

Release: Abuse/Abused
Genre: PowerViolence, Hardcore Punk
Origin: Nantes, France

Hailing from Nantes, France; This violent 4 piece have taken what they delivered on previous releases "Hammer Tape '15" and their self titled debut and really honed in the songwriting. In what continues to be, in my opinion, a tightening grip on heavy music in the French speaking world.

Between the expert vocal delivery, tight drumming and brutal guitars really warrant repeated listens, which in a genre tree that can be saturated, it's relieving to see a group that has enough violence to cut through the bullshit.

FFO: Dropdead, Yacopsae, Despise You

Listen here: https://harmdone.bandcamp.com/
Buy: www.straightandalert.com
Contact: alexis@straightandalert.com

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