Crucial Rip, Dahmed- Desire To Disembowel Split EP (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Slam, Brutal Death Metal

Label: Independent 

Length: 17"

On this brand new split EP, we are treated to two of the best upcoming and coming brutal acts. Both bands go straight for the throat and don't falter from the opening riffs to the brutal closer. Dahmed takes the first half of the EP.

Right from the gate you are treated to what I think is the most aggressive bass tone I have heard on a slam record. The rhythms are fresh and violent and definitely have a certain kind of beat down feel which really pays off.

Richmond's Crucial Rip takes the second half. Again, heavy and brutal right for the jugular. The guitar and drum work is instantly in the forefront. Some killer solos and having a much more traditional death metal sound to them makes for a great contrast to the first half of the EP and keeps you engaged.

This record will definitely satisfy those looking for Slam or some Death Metal with it's great songwriting and great production.

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Listen To Dahmed
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