Savage Kenny- Conspiracies EP (2015)

Country: USA
Genre:  Noise Rock, Punk, Lo-fi, Crossover
Label:  Independent
Tracks: 3

Savage Kenny formed around 2012 and has a unique blend of noisy jazz rock guitars, minimally punctuated drums, and hypnotic meters in their songwriting.
On their EP "Conspiracies", over the course of three songs; they show three very different sides of their writing.
Opening up with some sludge noise before throwing you into punky two steps. This EP makes for an interesting listen. They never hit the same spot twice, yet never fail to hit their mark.

I feel personally that bands like this come alive on the stage, rather than in the studio. The depth and bravado of what Savage Kenny aims to do is definitely nurtured on this recording, and is a great glimpse of things to come!

FFO: Ken Mode, Swans, Garage Rock

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