(Intl.) Vegas-Wake LP (2016)

Country: Germany/Australia/United States
Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Label: Holy Terror
Tracks: 14
Length: 37.0''

Vegas gave life to their artistic vision shortly after the dawn of the new millennium.  With creative fires ignited by the physically confrontational nature of Japanese punks G.I.S.M. via the unrepentant early-80's ferocity of bands like Life's Blood and Negative Approach, the group channels their raw metallic attack through the intense apocalyptic tenets of the "HT" hardcore spearheaded in the 90's by the legendary Integrity (whose enigmatic frontman Dwid joins forces with vocalist and lyricist T on "Rhythm of Decline"). Such musical aesthetics and abstract introspective lyrical explorations seem to have been all but forgotten by today's contemporary breed, while thriving in the subversive climate of Vegas' allegiance to branching out from the foundations of traditional metallic hardcore by undertaking calculated experiments with avant-garde dynamics reminiscent of fringe acts such as Throbbing Gristle or flirtations with apocalyptic folk, indicating the band’s diverse potential. Expanding on some of their darker and more somber interests in Roses Never Fade - a side project that includes members of Integrity and Pale Creation - ensuring that the focus of Vegas remains rooted in the bitter pessimism and base aggression that should appeal to any fan of traditional, no-holds-barred metallic hardcore." (Press Note)

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