been hooked on these guys lately. like I seriously cant get enough. dark, melodic punk out of Canada. almost bordering on pop punk. which is definitely not my thing usually. I mean outside of me first and the gimme gimmes, these guys are it. before you turn your nose up at it, give it a shot. never heard a take on pop punk like this before. includes members of black tower, the creeps, sedatives, etc. and if you find this to be as great as I do, then check out that sedatives link. similar style but with added ray manzarek style keyboards. all sedatives releases either free or nyp. ive included both crusades full lengths and first ep below. still missing the "parables" single. been hearing rumbles of new full length too. cant fucking wait.

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Abe said...

YES. Great combo of dark pop punk and literate subject matter. Love these guys.