Primitive Man/Fister-Split LP (2014)

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal, Doom, Sludge
Label: Self-Released
Tracks: 5
Length: 33.0'

Primitive Man is a three piece band from Denver, Colorado who formed in early 2013.  Primitive play a raw, dark, and dirty style of music that incorporates elements of black metal, doom, sludge, and noisecore within their sound.  Since forming in 2013, Primitive Man have released a seven song 12" titled Scorn in August of 2013, a split 7" with Xaphan in January of 2014, a split 10" with Hexis in April of 2014, a split 12" with Hessian in July of 2014, a four song 12" titled Home Is Where The Hatred is in February of 2015, a two song 12" titled Futility+Untitled in June of 2015, a split 12" with Northless in February of 2016, and a split 12" with Sea Bastard in March of 2016.  The second band on the split is Fister.  Fister is a three piece doom, black metal, and sludge band from St. Louis Missouri who formed in 2011.  Since forming in 2011, Fister have released a five song EP titled Bronsonc in January of 2011, a three song EP titled And Their Masters Bled For Days in January of 2011, a twelve song demo titled 3424 in March of 2012, a two song 12" titled The Infernal Paramount in May of 2012, a five song EP titled Violence in February of 2012, a three song EP titled 5902 Demos in August of 2012, a seven song EP titled Gemini in March of 2013, an eight song LP titled Good Friday in August of 2013, a split with Norska in February of 2014, a one song LP titled IV in March of 2015, a split 7" with Everything Went Black in April of 2016, a split 7" with Teeth in April of 2016, and a split with Dopethrone in March of 2016.  This is the band's split with Primitive Man, which was released on November 29th, 2014.  On this split 12", Primitive Man and Fister offer up five tracks of raw, dirty, and completely blown out black metal, doom, and sludge.  Overall, this is a phenomenal split and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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