Excarnation cover art

2 piece hardcore from Denver. fantastic shit. musically on par with harrowed. vocalist has great range. hits both high and low hardcore style screams well and throws in some black metal and lower more guttural death metal also. lyrically could use a little work. kind of falls into the clichéd angry hardcore guy at times but i can give it a pass. also the albums rounded out by weekend nachos, minor threat, and zao covers. now i love zao. have for almost 20 years. and it just so happens that these guys tackled my favorite zao song, "5 year winter", so much so my favorite zao song that i have a lyric from it tattooed on my forearm. and screwing that song up not only could have made me not like this but could have ended these guys up on my forever banned list. and while its not as powerful as the original, it is very well done and gets my stamp of approval.

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