VEPSSKAYA MILA - Era of change (2016)

GENRE: Crust, Metal, Hardcore Punk
FFO: Rise And Fall, Converge, The Secret

I don't really know anything about this band as there is way too much Russian going on (Republic of Karelia to be specific). I do know that Вепсская Миля - Эра изменений translates in English to Vepsskaya Mila - Era Of Change, and I do know that the two releases they have on Bandcamp are fucking fantastic. A little on the short side, being only 3 & 4 songs each, but I'll be damned if every song isn't great. Grab the newest stuff at the Zippy link below and follow the Bandcamp link if you want to check out the other one.


Jerm said...

You said the secret. You have my attention.

ADAM said...

Haha, it may not be the best comparison, but idk, The Secret popped in my head while listening to it. I swear, the worst part of writing reviews is comparing them to other bands LOL