Roachblunt-Tobacco Use Only Cassette (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Punk, Noise Rock, Alt. Rock
Label: Puddle Jumper Distro.
Tracks: 8
Length: 15.0'

Roachblunt is a Kansas City, Missouri based band featuring member of Canyons.  Roachblunt play a spastic style of music that fuses elements of art damaged noise punk, noise rock, and hints of alt. rock within their sound.  Musically, Roachblunt can be loosely compared to bands such as Arab On Radar, Blood Brothers, Chinese Stars, Monorchid, and other bands related to the early 31G records scene in the early to mid-2000's.  Roachblunt's sound can be best described as being raw, blown out, unsettling, and completely unhinged.  Tobacco Use Only is the band's debut eight track cassette, which was released via Puddle Jumper Distribution on February 16th, 2016.  On Tobacco Use Only, Roachblunt offer up eight tracks of raw, off-kilter, and unhinged sounding noise punk, noise rock, and alt. rock.  Overall, Tobacco Use Only is a killer LP and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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