GENRE: Grindcore, Experimental, Metal, Hardcore, Noise, Shoegaze

OK, from what I can gather here, Fucked is a side project to Tanpopo Crisis, which is a one-man experimental grind band from Canton, OH. Fucked seems to be more a straight up grind/hardcore punk thing, while Tanpopo Crisis mixes in atmospheric & shoegaze elements with grind stuff. Not only is one dude doing two different bands pretty impressive, the thing that is fucking mind-blowing is how prolific this guy seems to be! Between these two bands, there have been 11 releases with a total of 103 tracks.... since LAST AUGUST! What the actual fuck. Granted, a lot of these songs are super short, but still, that's pretty fucked up. This guy is either a genius or has a lot of mental issues. Probably both from looking at the bands' Facebook pages. So, if this sounds interesting to you, check out the links below, all of the releases are available with a "name your price" option on Bandcamp.

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