Fistula-Vermin Prolificus LP (2014)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom, Sludge, Crust, Metal

Label: To Live A Lie Records
Tracks: 7
Length: 35.0'

Fistula is a five piece band from Akron, Ohio who formed in 1998.  Fistula play a vicious and brutal as fuck style of music that incorporates elements of doom, sludge, crust, and metal within their sound.  Since forming in 1998, Fistula have released an EP titled For A Better Tomorow in 2006, a full-length LP titled Lessons In Lamentation in 2008, a full-length titled Inverted Black Star in 2008, an EP titled Smoke Acid, Shoot Pills in 2008, a full length LP titled Burdened By Your Existence, a split with Methmouth and Dead Teeth in 2008, an EP titled We, The Beast in 2009, a split with SMG in 2010, an EP titled Loser on 2010, an EP titled Goat in 2010, an split with Nano in 2011, an EP titled Goat Remixes/Year Of The Fork in 2011, a split with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium in 2011, a split with Monkeypriest in 2012, a split with Instant Death Syndrome and Drugs And Deception in 2012, an EP titled Northern Aggression in 2012, a solit with Radiation Sickness in 2013, an EP titled Instant Weapon in 2015, a demo titled Destitute in 2015, and an EP titled Never Trust A Cop in 2015  Vermin Prolificus is the band's 2014 full-length, LP which was released via To Live A Lie records on February 15th, 2014.  On Vermin Prolificus, Fistula offer up seven tracks of vicious and brutal as fuck sounding doom, sludge, crust, and metal.  Overall, Vermin Prolificus is a killer LP and will appeal to fans of modern metal as well as crust tinged/metallic hardcore.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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