(U.S.) Hesitation Wounds-Awake For Everything LP (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk

Label: 6131 Records
Tracks: 11
Length: 26.0'

Hesitation Wounds is a four piece band from Oakland, California who formed in 2013.  Hesitation Wounds features members of Touche Amore, Trap Them, The Hope Conspiracy, True Cross, and Slipknot.  Hesitation Wounds play a blackened and metallic style of modern hardcore.  Since forming in 2013, Hesitation Wounds have released a self-titled six song EP in May of 2013.  Awake For Everything is the band's debut LP, which is slated for release via 6131 records on May 27th, 2016.  On Awake For Everything, Hesitation Wounds offer up eleven tracks of chaotic, volatile, and brutal as fuck sounding modern hardcore.  Overall, Awake For Everything is an amazing LP and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

Hesitation Wounds on Bandcamp
6131 Records on Bandcamp
Listen Here
Hesitation Wounds-S/T EP (2013) 


noclue said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!


hahaha, wrong Hesitation Wounds :) This band is the one from L.A., not Oakland.
Oakland Hesitation Wounds way more 80's fast HC sound !
Here's the band that put out what you posted: