Creation Is Crucifixion-Antenna Builder/Recorded Splits+Live In Geneva 2x LP (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Post Metal, Grindcore
Label: Robotic Empire
Tracks: 17
Length: 60.0'

Pittsburgh tech-metal hactivists Creation is Crucifixion emulate Lazarus with a double-LP collecting their last recordings along with an impressive live set.

The long-rumored "Antenna Builder" track, the 'final' recording by Creation is Crucifixion's last active lineup is a 9-minute opus that brilliantly merges CIC's heavy technical metal along with the noise passages the band became renown for. As one of the highest-fidelity recordings from the band's extensive output, the lineup's similarly oppressive "Rerecorded Splits" material fleshes out the first 12" in this gatefold double-LP. package

Accompanying the studio-recordings 12" is a live LP from a classic CIC's set from on their last European tour, captured live in Geneva during May of the millennial year. These 15+ year recordings showcase tracks from across the band's catalog of material, with a higher clarity than some of their raw studio recordings.

Specifically mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, the "Antenna Builder + Rerecorded Splits" / "Live In Geneva" 2xLP comes housed in a stark black and white gatefold jacket with gold ink overlaid. A digital download of the full release is included. (Press Note)

* FFO: Jesuit, Coalesce, Botch

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