so ive been REALLY busy at work lately. like 60 plus hours a week busy. at a job 45 minutes away. doesn't leave much free time. haven't had much time for finding new bands so ive been dependent on the old reliable ones. like asschapel. their initial run was around 1999 to 2004ish. but they do have an active fb page and they put up a bandcamp about a year ago that has their demo. so I guess its possible they are active again. goddammit I hope so. these guys were awesome. imagine from ashes rise jammimg with slayer. yes. if that's not a badass combo then I don't know what is. have links for all their output below. be warned the 2 eps aren't the best quality but they are all I could find. still worth listening to. even have a "raining blood" cover on the satanation ep. its sloppy and its oddly great. I also have a bandcamp link for boobyhatch. previous band for several members of asschapel. along they same lines as asschapel but more punk and less metal but still awesome.

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The demo reminds me of a crusty version of left for dead love it thanks.