WOUNDVAC - Disgraced Convert

GENRE: Punk, Grind, Hardcore, Thrash
FFO: Coffin Birth, Six Brew Bantha, Teethgrinder

I'm assuming this Tempe, AZ band gets their name from the wound therapy technique called V.A.C., or Vacuum-Assisted Closure. It's treatment done by delivering negative pressure at the wound. It's an appropriate name because that's pretty much what this band will do to your ears and head. This new record is 7 songs of smothering, nonstop grind and thrash. But there are also some killer grooves and hooks living behind this wall of pain, and that keeps this whole thing interesting from start to finish. This new release has been a long time in the making, and it's definitely been worth it. Highly recommended!

(Band Submission)

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