TUER - Ivresse & Enfer

GENRE: Grindcore, Crust, Punk
FFO: Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound, Insect Warfare

The fairly new bulldozing grindcore machine TUER from Fribourg, Switzerland have just released their first recorded output “Ivresse & Enfer” on L’è Tütt Folklor Records, Grinding Rebellion Records and Junky Monkey. Hyper-blasting drums, razor-sharp guitars and bass and dual screaming attack (male + female)! That’s the magic formula to recreate a carpet of total grinding madness enriched by many crusty elements. These 9 songs from this 1-sided LP clock in at just under 12 minutes, and that's just about how long it's going to take for you to have your first seizure from this insanity. Get this now.

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