Tempest-Passages 12" (2012)

Country: Canada
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Metal
Label: Vitriol/React With Protest Records
Tracks: 7
Length: 24.0'

Press Note: Tempest is from Vancouver, BC. This band has been around for some time, aurally punishing people through the 2005 advent of too many fucking amps. But contrary to most, they are good. They play a heavy and chaotic hardcore that Roger still claims “doesn’t sound German,” but after this last summer where they had a rousingly successful European tour, it would suggest i was correct. If you are into depressed and blackened European hardcore with a nice metal patina, then this is for you my ridiculous friend. Prepare to traverse a loud atmospheric and elemental tonality, fueled by a lot of things including a love of throwing up next to the van (Steve) on the 2010 Ghostlimb/Tempest Canadian tour. 

*I don't think this band is active any longer, but felt like throwing this review up on this site because Tempest were amazing.  The band's discography includes their Passages LP, which was released via Vitriol and React With Protest records in June of 2012 as well as a two song 7" titled Solace, which was released via Vitriol records in April of 2012.  Overall, Tempest offer up seven tracks of phenomenal hardcore, punk, crust, and metal.  Passages is an amazing album that still kicks ass to this day.  Enjoy!

Tempest on Last FM
Vitriol Records on Bandcamp
React With Protest on Bandcamp
Purchase via React With Protest
Purchase via Vitriol Records
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Anonymous said...

They are still active! They actually just released a new record a few days ago! http://tempestpunk.bandcamp.com/

Anonymous said...

My excitement over the previous anons comment was short lived. The album is up $666. Jerks.

Anonymous said...

they aren't actually trying to sell it for that much, just think of it as stream only. physical copies and downloads should come soon

Anonymous said...

I know they aren't and I cant imagine anyone dumb enough to pay that but I also thought they'd thrown in the towel and then find out there's new songs that cant be downloaded yet. Just disappointing is all.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the kind words about passages! the price of the new record is a joke because we couldn't figure out how to make the LP streaming only on bandcamp. it is NOT meant to be taken as the literal value we place on a digital download.

the recording process took way longer than expected and since we record ourselves we are still finalizing the mix to be sent out for press. but because we have something which is 99% complete we wanted to share it so people could decide if they want to come check out a show on tour. sorry to disappoint but if you still want to download the finished LP in a couple weeks it will definitely be FREE and something we are all happy with :)

<3 tempest

ps - we are still a band. it just took 3 years to write a new record.
pps - steve rarely pukes beside vans. only rarely in them.

Anonymous said...

for the record, my jerks comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously. would have come across better if someone would finally invent that sarcasm font. glad you guys aren't dead.