Metro Cult-Transparent EP (2015)

Country: Denmark
Genre: Post Punk, New Wave, Death Rock
Label: Mass Media Records
Tracks: 4
Length: 11.0'

Metro Cult are a four piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark who formed in January of 2012.  Metro Cult play a dark, foreboding, and sinister style of music that incorporates elements of post punk, new wave, and death rock within their sound.  Since their inception in 2012, Metro Cult have only released one 7" titled New Space/Ghost, which was released via Adult Crash records back in September of 2013.  Transparent is Metro Cult's latest four song 7" and was released on Mass Media Records on May 14th, 2015.  On Transparent, Metro Cult offer up four new tracks of killer post punk, new wave, and death rock that's an absolute must listen for fans of Bellicose Minds, The Estranged, and Sex Cross.  Overall, Transparent is a killer 7" and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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You can re-upload it, please?File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server...