White Spot-Everything Changes, Nothing Disappears Cs. (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Post Hardcore, Punk, Grunge, Noise Rock
Label: Wood Between Words
Tracks: 9
Length: 29.0'

White Spot is a an experimental post hardcore, punk, grunge, and noise rock project of Marcus Lemoine, who began recording music under the White Spot moniker in April of 2014.  Marcus hails from Mansura, LA and is backed by James Ducote on guitar as well as April Lemoine, who provides guest vocals for the song And We Felt It In Our Bones.  Everything Changes, Nothing Disappears is White Spot's latest nine track album, which was released on cassette via Wood Between Words records on June 22nd, 2015.  On Everything Changes, Nothing Disappears, White Spot offer up nine tracks of noise damaged and completely blown out post hardcore, punk, and grunge.  Overall, Everything Changes, Nothing changes is a killer LP and White Spot is an absolute must listen for fans of Walls, Raspberry Bulbs, and older noise tinged hardcore bands like Slices.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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