Vexx-Give And Take 7" (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Punk, Garage Rock
Label: Katorga Works
Tracks: 4
Length: 10.0'

Press Note: Vexx's debut 12" on Grazer/M'Ladys was one of our favorite releases of 2013, so we're endlessly excited to present their newest 7", Give And Take. Hailing from Olympia, Vexx is heavily indebted to late 70s American punk with a sound akin to bands like Legal Weapon or the Avengers, but with even more of a rock 'n' roll edge than those bands and a vocalist just as soulful and powerful. 

*I can't do much better in describing this new 7" from Vexx.  All I do know is that Vexx offer up four new tracks of hook laden and catchy as fuck sounding 70's influenced punk with a great rock and roll vibe.  Snotty female vocals round out the band's trashy vibe remarkably well.  Give And Take was released via Katorga Works records on April 25th, 2015.  Overall, this is a killer 7" and is an absolute must listen for fans of trashy punk and garage rock.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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