im sure most of you know how great of label sentient ruin is, and im sure you know a lot of their roster. fantastic label. i recently pre-ordered the new atrament lp which was due out last friday. i received an email from sentient ruin saying those lps would be delayed because of the shitty job the printers did with the artwork and they were working with them to sort it out. yesterday i received another email with an update basically saying that the printers arent going to fix it and that the guys at sentient ruin were gonna be stuck with the cost of having these jackets reprinted. yeah people suck(dont even get me started with the zao "funeral of god" repress disaster. it seems the guys at tragic hero records are some shitty dudes as well). but not you guys. you guys dont suck. sentient ruin doesnt suck. they could use some help covering the cost of this so, if you can, head on over there and pick up some merch. im sure we'd all hate for a great indie label to under because of something like this. im sure they'd appreciate it.

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