Cable-Discography (1994-2009)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock

Label: Various
Tracks: Various
Length: Do The Math

The quartet formed in 1994, at which time it consisted of Randy Larsen (guitar/vocals), Vic Szalaj (drums), Matt Becker (guitar), and Jeff Caxide (bass) and were players in Connecticut's "noise-core" scene. This line-up recorded a demo and appeared on a split 7" with Malcolm's Lost. Vocalist Aaron Lazauski joined the band briefly and appeared on the "Part Three"/"Feed Me Glass" 7" in 1995. Soon, both Lazauski and Larsen left the band and Bernie Romanowski joined the group as vocalist/guitarist. In the documentary Last Call, Jeff Caxide stated that he was unhappy with Larsen's departure and soon, he parted ways with Cable, only to, ironically, be replaced by a returning Randy Larsen, who picked up the bass upon re-entry into the band. In 1997, their debut, Variable Speed Drive was released by Doghouse Records.
After a brief split, the band's second full-length (and first for label Hydra Head Records), Gutter Queen, was released in 1999. Cable was down to just a three-piece for Gutter Queen, with Becker having left by this point. The next couple of years saw shows with bands including Neurosis, Today is the Day, Cave In, Botch, Isis, and others. The group split again when Romanowski moved to Colorado without informing the rest of the group.[1] After a year, he returned and Cable reunited. In 2001, the trio of Larsen, Romanowski, and Szalaj recorded Northern Failures, their last release for Hydra Head, as well as a new EP entitled Skyhorse Jams, issued by This Dark Reign Recordings in 2001. The group was back to a quartet lineup for this EP after the addition of second guitarist Ben Cowles.
The Skyhorse Jams EP showed the group moving towards more of a Southern rock-influenced hardcore/metal style. In 2003, the band released Never Trust A Gemini, which saw the band adding another member, second vocalist Peter Farris. After what was termed as a "nasty falling out with the other dudes in the band",[1] Cable regrouped again for 2004's Pigs Never Fly, which saw the band move to Philadelphia's Translation Loss Records and swap Ben Cowles for Aaron Lewis, who also recorded the album. Chris Fischkelta joined the band after its recording and Bernie Romanowski departed once again. The band's final performance was on December 18, 2005 at NYC's now defunct CBGB. The band called it quits shortly after. 2006's Last Call CD/DVD compiled a new song with a selection of previously released tracks, a documentary on the band, and included audio and video of the CBGB show.
The band became active again after re-forming in 2/08. In mid-2008, Cable re-released the Variable Speed Drive record on Translation Loss Records. In 3/09, recorded a new album, The Failed Convict, with Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY. The Failed Convict was released on 8/8/09 on The End Records. This album features 13 songs, which is the band's longest album to date. The Failed Convict was engineered by Joel Hamilton.[2] featured artwork by Aaron Horkey (Mogwai, Pelican) and guest vocals by Mike Watt on the track "Outside Abeline."


*Here's Cable's discography of full-length LPs and one single by one of my favorite all-time CT based bands.  Members of Cable can now be found playing in Empty Flowers and Slow Death.  Enjoy!

                                                        Cable-Pigs (Eyehategod cover: 1996)

                                                         Cable-Variable Speed 2.0 (1996)

                                                         Cable-Gutter Queen LP (1999)

                                                         Cable-Northern Failures LP (2001)
                                                         Cable-Pigs Never Fly LP (2004)

                                                         Cable-The Failed Convict LP (2009)

                                                         Cable-It Cost Me Everything (1994-1995 Re-issue 2017)


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