Calligram - Askesis (2017)

Rel. Date: November 24, 2017 
Format: Digital
Origin: London (UK)
Genre: Blackened Hardcore, Black Metal, Death Metal, Crust
Label: Basick Records

Past Releases: Demimonde EP 12''/CD (Nov. 2016)     

Mentioned in my best of 2017 list, this album needs a post on its own.!
Blown away at first listen by this new 5-piece band located in London (UK). The members are hailing from France, Italy, Brazil and UK. Until now the debut album 'Askesis' is only released in digital format. Perhaps it still sees a vinyl release this year, according to a facebook post from the band. Would be worth it, it's absolutely crushing and perhaps one of the most brutal releases from 2017. Fans of Trap Them, Nails and other like-minded bands will definitely enjoy this fine tune.!!

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