Vile Gash - Nightmare In A Damaged Brain LP (2018)

Rel. Date: January 25, 2018
Format: Digital
Origin: Columbus, Ohio
Genre: Punk, Hardcore Punk
Label: Youth Attack    

From the bandcamp page...

A masterpiece years in the making, this 12-track expurse of barbarity leaves the entire genre of hardcore in a smoldering crater. VILE GASH has achieved a fully-realized vision, delivering what can only be described as the end of music. Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, the album explodes in a barrage of hatred and disgust, each song showcasing a bitter contempt for life. Their blunt execution has intensified, becoming harsher and uglier, ranging in tempos the band has never before achieved with a perfect, grinding production that showcases the hideous nature of their riffs. This is a feel-bad experience like no other, and to listen is to feel yourself compelled to sickening violence. "Nightmare in a Damaged Brain" is the final command for existence, from which nothing shall follow.

First 'full-length' from this Columbus based hardcore/punk band. Members play/played also in The Repos, The Ropes, Mugger, Black Dove, Violent End, Necropolis, Dismal, Deathly Fighter, Nukkehammer, The Awakening. 

Vile Gash - Nightmare In A Damaged Brain LP

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