(U.K.) The Lowest Form-Personal Space LP (2016)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Label: Iron Lung
Tracks: 10
Length: 18.0'

The Lowest Form is a four piece U.K. based hardcore band who formed in early 2013, by the looks of things.  The Lowest form play a dirty, scuzzy, and completely blown out style of modern hardcore.  Musically, The Lowest form can be loosely compared to bands such as Hoax, Perspex Flesh, Gay Kiss, and other like-minded bands. Since forming in 2013, The Lowest Form have released a full-length LP titled Negative Ectasy in April of 2014.  Personal Space is the band's latest full-length LP, which was released via Iron Lung records on November 4th, 2016.  Personal Space is a ferocious mess of an album that definitely should not be slipping under your radar.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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Jerm said...

Any chance you have negative ecstasy? Accidentally deleted it a while back and havent been able to find it since